Something that was said at church this past Sunday has really resonated with me all this week – we all know Philippians 4:19 and what it says. But do we live as if it says “but my God shall supply all your need according to . . . your job?” Or in our case, our 3 jobs? No, it says “according to His riches and glory by Christ Jesus.” I’ve been living as if it says according to our jobs, our work. And all of that got blown out of the water last week when Mark’s hours got cut. Our budget, and our jobs, and my striving to pinch pennies, and do this and do that no longer work. šŸ™‚ And all I can say is thank the Lord that we still have our jobs, but we’re now living in the faith realm, walking it out day by day. And I just have to share this example of how it’s going . . .

On Wednesdays and Thursdays, Mark and I split our work days. I go into work from 8 to noon while he watches the boys. Then he works from 12:30 to somewhere between 6:30 and 8:30. Not ideal, but it works. And it gives Ryder good time at home with his daddy. So yesterday, I picked the boys up from Mark’s work, vented to Mark about a certain ongoing irritation in my life, then headed to Target. I needed household items and the ingredients to finally make Mark’s favorite – banoffee pie. I also get my canned goods and frozen veg at Target. So while I’m shopping, I get a text from a longtime friend saying “just thinking about you. Did you get the heater fixed? You’ve been on my heart this week for some reason; anything I can pray for?” I wrote her back and told her we did get it fixed and could she pray about the irritation that I had just vented about to Mark. A few texts back and forth, and then she writes “not only can I pray, but I have something for you. Can I stop by?” So the boys and I finished our shopping (during which both boys had meltdowns), and we rushed home for naps.

My friend then stopped over after naptime so that she could visit with the boys. And not only did she stop by, but she brought bags of gifts! She completely blessed the boys, Mark, and me. Plus, I got to sit and chat with an adult for an hour while she held Ezzy. That’s a gift by itself! šŸ™‚

So when Mark got home from work (carrying a bag full of Bible story books in brand new condition from one of his co-workers – another total surprise gift), I told him about our day, and he was blown away. He mentioned how we had just given something the other day, and how God has already multiplied it and given it back. God’s like that isn’t He?

The best thing ever about parenting is watching your kids get blessed. And I think that God must feel that way too. After all my negativity and moping and dwelling in the pit of junk circumstances, the minute I stand up and say no more and get myself out of the pit, blessings just pour in. I can’t even tell you what my friend blessed us with or how much it meant. But I can say that I’d been talking to the Lord about it and telling Him what we needed and how I wasn’t going to worry but I would just trust Him. God loves faith. He loves when we present our case, tell Him that we trust Him, then continue on without worrrying. And this is so huge for me as worry has been a constant part of my life. Yet over the past few weeks, my dad’s been praying that our congregation of believers would get kisses from God, and I have told the Lord that I want His kisses!! šŸ™‚ And I think we just got a big smooch that says, “Child of Mine, I love you!!”

So lastly, as this year is coming to a close, I will say this. My heart has been to love on the unlovely, the hurting, the broken, the needy. Yet a princess can’t tell a pauper “heads up, cheerio, all’s well, keep a smile on your face as life will get better!” when she’s got everything and he’s got nothing. A princess can’t live the plush life and think that she can somehow encourage others when her life is not remotely similar to theirs, when she has not walked in their shoes. A few years ago, while we were living in England, we were visiting with one of Mark’s sisters and she was crying and telling us how hard life has been. Mark told her that we were there for her, and she could call and talk to me anytime. She sweetly responded that she couldn’t because I couldn’t relate to what she was going through. That hurt my heart. And I know she didn’t meant it to hurt; it was just truth. But it stuck with me.

And now, fast forward a few years later, and I can sit with a working mom who’s struggling to feed her kids, and say I know!! I can cry with her and say I know how it is to stretch your grocery money and the food in your cupboard to the point where you wonder how you’ll keep it up as it’s exhausting. I know how it is to look at your son’s closet and wonder what he’ll wear for the winter. I know how it is to wonder where the next box of diapers will come from. I know how it is to work, work, work and wonder when we’ll get to have a full weekend off (I still wonder that!). And I know how it is to feel hopeless, to feel like you’re drowning in bills. I know how that is.

Recently, I had told Mark that we wouldn’t be able to give our kids anything for Christmas this year or get each other anything. But then I decided in my heart that I would just offer it up to God and trust Him to provide, and that very day (yesterday), He answered! So I also know the joy of someone bringing bags of gifts to us, some random stranger giving us diapers, friends passing on clothing that their kids have outgrown, and even more, the joy of passing a homeless man and giving him all the cash in my wallet while knowing that God will provide even if I just gave away our grocery money. I know it!! And that is so good. Am I making sense?

So Christmas came early to the Hayden household, and now we’re looking to bless someone else in whatever way we can. And my heart is full. Full to overflowing!! For I can say with certainty that my God shall supply all of my needs (and yours) according to HIS RICHES AND GLORY THROUGH CHRIST JESUS! šŸ™‚

I hope that someone reading this today gets a kiss from God and the same assurance that I’m getting. We serve a good God.

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