I have slowly been working through Christ the Healer by F.F. Bosworth. And I have to say slowly, because after every paragraph, I have to sit and ponder what I’ve just read. It’s a lot to take in, and therefore, it’s worthwhile to take it in slowly.

So far, I’ve found that he bases his points on scripture after scripture after scripture. So every time my brain wants to say “well, what about this or that?,” the answer is provided in the next sentence or paragraph. It’s quite thought provoking, and I’m sure that I’ll read it a few times (or many times) in order to understand it all.

A few blogs prior to this one, I mentioned that I’d been greatly encouraged by what I was reading. So here are a few bits that really blessed me, and if I could, I would type the whole chapter, which is titled “Appropriating Faith.” However, I’ve got too much to do today . . . the weeds are calling me. Therefore, I’ll just type a few segments of the chapter, and hopefully, you find it thought provoking and encouraging as well.

“Your state of mind should be the same as Noah’s when he was building a ship on dry land and putting pitch into the cracks to keep the water out. In his mind, the fact of a coming flood was fully settled, and the Word of God was the sole reason for this state of mind.”

“In Mark 11:24 Jesus tells us exactly the conditions He requires for our appropriation of any of the blessings He has promised. He says, ‘What things soever ye desire, when ye pray, believe that ye receive them, and ye shall have them.’ That is, ‘Ye shall have them’ after you believe He has heard your prayer.'”

“It honors God to believe Him even while every sense contradicts Him. He promises to honor those who honor Him. God has promised to respond only to the faith that is produced by and rests in His Word, His promise. Some expect to believe they have been heard as soon as they feel better. He did not say that He sent better feelings to produce faith and then healed them. ‘He sent his word, and healed them.'”

There are few things that I’m struggling with right now – a few different issues and situations. And what I’m learning more and more every day is how important it is to keep our eyes on Jesus, keep our minds in the Word, and how important it is to have the Word deep within us. Again, this is so basic. But many times, we cry and say, “oh Lord, why haven’t You heard me and why hasn’t this situation changed and why I am still in this same boat??” Yet we’re not doing our part in building our faith, renewing our mind, and trusting Him that He has indeed heard. If we really believe that He has heard us, then we can rest and not be anxious and not be in turmoil or worry. Personally, this is the level of faith that I’m after. I’m done with living in anxiety and turmoil.

Christ the Healer by F.F. Bosworth published in 1924, quotes from 9th edition published in 2008

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