I normally dread the months between January and March. They’re cold, gloomy, and kind of boring. I think there’s a bit of letdown after the holidays as well, so it’s probably not totally fair to say that about those months. But they’re not my favorite part of the year. And this January, Mark will be going to Costa Rica, along with Haven and my dad. So I’ll have no babysitters and no husband to help. Yikes.

Yet lately, I’ve been waiting for the new year. I’m ready for 2012. Ready to be done with 2011! 🙂 Really though, as I keep saying, I’m ready for change. So I’ve been praying about a lot of stuff, pondering a lot of things, putting it all on the table for God to say okay, this is not priority, this is. I’d like for Him to shuffle some things around, but really, He’s the only one who can shuffle. So I’m realizing that I’ve kind of been like Ryder when he wants something. He shouts “raisins!” or “juice!” until I answer with a yes or no. And I’ve been shouting “CHANGE!!” So the goal is to just sit and wait until I get the first step of direction, then we’ll take that step and see what happens.

And secondly, I’m finding that the more active Ezzy becomes, the more tired I am. I’m hoping that Ryder really matures in the next 6 months before Ezzy starts to walk. Otherwise, Lord help us all. I’m not Michelle Duggar. I admire her greatly, but I am not her. I’m feeling that two little ones is more than enough for right now. I daily dream of going to the spa or the beach without any noise or distraction. Wouldn’t that be nice? Or just a morning to sleep past 6:30 would be nice as well.

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