processing during adjustment

I’ve been trying to write a proper update/newsletter for weeks now, and every time I sit to type, I write a bunch of stuff out and then leave it. I just can’t seem to
process everything right now. Nor can I seem to write out what I’d really like to say. So I’ll just be perfectly honest and not worry about what you, the reader, may or may not think.
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I was going to edit my previous post and add this, but instead, I think I just want to let it flow as it is . . .

Over the past 6 months of living in Scotland, we’ve discovered a few things: the Scottish are different from the English; the politics, the culture, and the societal norm are very different from us and our values, which can be scary in the natural; Read more

6 months in . . .

I realize I need to post more updates about what we’re up to and how things are going, so this is less of a processing post and more of a status update:

January and February were incredibly busy for us as we visited churches, looked for a location for the school, met with pastors, finished the final round in immigration for our teammates, and tried to get our finances into some sort of order. We finally got into a groove with homeschooling, which was a big relief, but felt like we were all exhausted from our move, from being sick all winter, from our busyness, etc. So we took the only opportunity we had to go on vacation. Read more

busy and resting

I have no idea where the month of February is flying off to as it seems like the days are moving far more quickly than normal. And I’m trying to not let that scare me as we have so much going on and so much to do right now!! So this will be a bit of a news update as well as a processing post; please bear with me. Read more

counting the cost

I thought this blog had probably died, yet there has been one post that I’ve wanted to write and haven’t been able to word clearly. I’ve only wanted to write this if I could say it the way that I actually see it. So I hope that those who read this will hear my heart and read to the end where the best part is. Read more

becoming a warrior princess

As my husband left for work, he commented on our daughter’s new love of Tinkerbell and how cool the new Tinkerbell movies are. My immediate response was “I know, because Tinkerbell is now like a warrior princess and I am totally okay with our daughter being a warrior princess.” And in my mind I was actually picturing Eowyn from Lord of the Rings, and I have found myself thinking about her a lot lately. But I will come back to that as I haven’t posted a blog in a while and need to backtrack a bit . . . Read more

my thoughts

Have to say that I have had my share of bad news and difficulties when it comes to setting up a Bible school in a foreign country, trying to move our family there, and attempting to get visas for 5 others. It’s been tough!! And I’ve been working on all of this for a year! Seems unreal, and if I were judging myself on how well it’s gone, I’d get a big fat F for failure. Not to mention that I’ve had to explain our situation a thousand times, answers a zillion immigration questions, and basically tell people who know nothing about setting up a school or immigrating anywhere what it’s like. Most people try to be very helpful, but it’s like a city person trying to tell a farmer how to farm. It doesn’t work, and so all I can say is that we’re doing our best. We’re learning as best as we can. And it’s hard. Simple as that. Hard. And if I dwelt there for long, I’d be real ugly. Read more

His plans

Jeremiah 29:11 NLT
“For I know the plans I have for you,” says the Lord. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.”

I haven’t written for quite some time . . . mainly because I don’t know what to say. We applied for my spouse visa over a month ago, and we received notice that the UK immigration office received it. But we haven’t heard anything since. So we’ve sat and waited. And truthfully, it’s really been a waiting period where I’ve had to work at keeping my heart right. Read more