the reality of missions

Yesterday, we spent our afternoon at our church’s all church picnic. It might have been in the top 5 of lowest low points for me since moving here. It highlighted so many of the struggles I’ve had since moving here, and it left me feeling isolated and beyond discouraged. And it also brought things to a head for me, which is why I’m writing now as I want to be very real and share what it’s like to do missions . . . from my vantage point. Read more

processing during adjustment

I’ve been trying to write a proper update/newsletter for weeks now, and every time I sit to type, I write a bunch of stuff out and then leave it. I just can’t seem to
process everything right now. Nor can I seem to write out what I’d really like to say. So I’ll just be perfectly honest and not worry about what you, the reader, may or may not think.
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an update

As our eighth month in the UK comes to a close, three things are clear: I need an office assistant, we are in a stretching season, and nothing is easy. Yet the one thing that overrides all of those is that God is good. We cling to His goodness always, and we’re learning more and more about Him and Who He is.

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