My boys are napping, and I’m hoping they continue long enough for me to get this out.

Ever read or hear something that you know has placed you at a fork in the road? The current road you were on just came to a dividing point, so you either go right or left, but you cannot remain as you were. I hit that point yesterday. As I said in an earlier post, I’m currently reading “Driven by Eternity,” and I don’t think anyone could read it and not be forced to change in some way. And then yesterday in church, something was said that really hit home with me. I can’t quote it word for word, but basically, the point was that we’re too far in history to live with the fear of what others may think. In other words, this time that we’re in right now calls for people who will walk in love (God’s kind of love), confidence, boldness, and by the Holy Spirit’s leading. To push this point home even further, I also read this today – “Some will give to the poor when they feel led. Others automatically give unless God tells them no. I prefer to be in the latter group.” That’s exactly what I’ve been thinking on more and more. Why would I not be willing to love on, pray for, encourage anyone at any given point in time? Isn’t that what I’m called to do? Isn’t that part of being “Eternity Driven”? Isn’t fear the only thing that would keep me back? Especially being a reserved, more quiet/shy type who doesn’t really go out of her way to speak to a stranger? Hmm. So I either continue to the left and ignore what I’m hearing and learning and basically ignore/harden my conscience. Or I yield to the right and obey. Either way, life will change as I can’t head back.

And the final thing that validates this point is the political/moral state of our country. America is a mess. You can’t read the news (or even talk to your neighbor) and not see how far we’ve gone in the wrong direction. This upcoming political election is HUGE. Huge, huge, huge. And yet I’m amazed at the mass of opinion, of tolerance, political correctness garbage that keeps flowing. We so need TRUTH speakers who speak the truth in love. No more sitting by and letting garbage go. Our kids need us to speak the truth. And the truth comes from the Word and the Word only. The average Christian even needs a reminder of that. So Lord, help me and help all of us as this is quite a time to be living in . . .

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