Okay, the boy is happily playing and sitting in his bumbo now. Thank the Lord for bumbo seats! They allow Mommy to do the necessary things in life like showering and blogging. 🙂

So in the few minutes it took to write the previous blog and get Ryder up and out of his swing, the cleaning manager and his manager wrote me to say that we have permission to clean whenever we want. They apologized for their tenants complaints as they understand our situation. And this is even more reason for why I get bugged at myself. Most of the time, there’s no reason to react, so why do I get my feathers ruffled? And why have they been more ruffled than normal lately?

And this brings me back to the big lesson that I’m learning for the year – trusting God and staying in peace. I’m saying for the year as it will probably be the one big thing that I do focus on this year, and it’s something that I really need to grasp. Trusting God does not come easy for me. It should, but it doesn’t. I’m too much of a control type person. I like to have my say far too much. I’m also too much of a worrier. However, I’m learning that being in control, being opinionated, worrying, being anxious, etc. does not have to be a part of me and my life. That’s all part of who Micah was before Christ. But it’s not who she is after Christ. So onward ho . . . 2010 is the year of meditating on trusting in God, being in peace, not worrying, and not reacting. And I have to cut this short once more as Hayden Jr. is now dismantling his bumbo play tray. It’s amazing how a 7 month old is already so very boy!! I think we’re in for many years of dismantling things . . . . 🙂

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