I have been a studious, book lover, school lover my whole life. So I’m quite happy to be teaching at our church’s Bible school. Even though I have very little time to prepare lessons, I like the challenge of it. And Lord knows that my brain needs focus and discipline as I’ve gotten lazy, so it’s been good for me. It’s also showing me that anytime we dive into the Word of God we always get more than we expect.

I’ve been teaching on the Biblical view of finances, but I’ve learned so much more than that. We’ve covered quite a few topics in my class, all of which relate back to being good stewards, using wisdom, staying balanced in all areas of life, being mindful of the poor, being grateful, etc. It’s been good. šŸ™‚ So here’s just a bit of what is brewing in me:

I’m always reminded that we do not know what others have gone through until we’ve walked in their shoes. Don’t give your opinion if you don’t know what the other person is going through.

It’s never our right to be critical of someone else. We’re not to judge people’s motives, because we don’t know why they do what they do. Can we judge the fruit of something? Yes, but still use wisdom before being critical (this is to me especially).

God’s heart is mercy and compassion, and that is becoming the cry of my heart.

God is not harsh. Yes, He hates sin and does not tolerate it, but He is not harsh toward a sinner. His love and mercy is what draws us to repentance.

We are to pray, pray, pray, and when the Spirit leads us (meaning we’re in tune with Him and sensitive to Him and not our flesh), then we speak the truth in love.

This world needs truth, but the truth has to be spoken in love. Otherwise, the message is lost, and the messenger, along with whatever he has to say, will be rejected.

We have to raise our children in the Word of God. The times are getting crazier, our world is getting darker, and we have to teach our kids to lean on and depend on Jesus. We have to teach them Who values them, Who protects them, and what the truth is.

And we as Christians should be the prime example of what love is, we should be loving on those in our community, we should be walking beside them, showing them the truth and love of God. We should never be known as hypocrites, as those that say one thing and do another, but as those who are humble, lovers of God, and aids to the hurting.

This is my goal for this year and for the rest of my years.

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  1. I read this blog on my trip but was waiting to get home to respond. Mic, this is an excellent post that spoke directly to my heart. This is a post I am bookmarking to read often. Your goals are very worthy goals that I'd like to strive for as well. Thanks for sharing what's brewing with you.

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