Sorry, this is a bit of a departure from my normal blogs . . . thinking of redoing my blog to accomodate motherhood, parenting, feeding, etc. posts.
Before having Ryder, I was set on breastfeeding. Then Ryde came along, and I had tons of issues with breastfeeding. We saw lactation specialists, feeding specialists, supplemented with breast milk, used every contraption possible to get Ryder to suck, and basically, spent an exhausting month of trying to pump, supplement with breastfeeding contraptions, and get Ryder to suck. It did nothing but completely frustrate him and me. I never got a milk supply with Ryde. And I was the most discouraged, guilt-ridden, embarrassed mom ever. I think the first month after Ryder’s birth was the hardest of my life. I finally got over it and found a formula that he would take.
Fast forward to Ezra, and again, I had full plans to breastfeed. The nurses at the hospital did everything possible to get Ezzy to suck, and by the morning that we were released, we finally had Ezzy latching on. Thank the Lord. However, again, no milk supply. Two days later (four days after his birth), I was pumping blood while my baby was screaming, unhappy, and just flat out hungry. Just like his brother, he lost a full pound in four days. So the doctor again suggested supplementing. This time, I did a lot more research on baby formula and settled on an organic formula that would not break the bank. Now at 3 months and 4 weeks old, Ezzy eats 8 ounces every 3 to 4 hours. Can we say expensive? And can I also tell you that I never have felt good about feeding my babies milk from a can? I pray over every can, but I still haven’t felt good about it.
Yesterday, I spoke with a friend about food and nutrition, and we talked about homemade baby formula. Problem is that I have very little free time as is. But would I feel better about making my baby’s formula? Yes. Is it more affordable? I have no idea. I am going to make his food once he goes on solids, but will I be able to manage both making his food and his formula? I don’t know. Yet it’s heavily on my mind . . .
I so wish is was easy for all moms to breastfeed. And I so wish that our society realized that not all moms are able to breastfeed. Mark and I have both come to the conclusion that for some reason both our boys have not been able to naturally suck. Ezra is now on one specific type of bottle as he has refused all others. He needs very long, skinny nipples that trigger his sucky reflex, just like Ryder did. And had we seen a sucking specialist with Ez, I’m sure they would have recommended all the same types of therapy that they did with Ryde. So I’m thankful that formula is an option. I just wish that it was an easier dilemma. And as we consider whether or not we’ll try for a third baby, we’ve talked about the real possibility that the 3rd will have the same issues. So . . . I’m praying and asking the Lord for His wisdom, and I’m trusting that both boys will grow up just fine and not have long term issues resulting from being formula fed. I’m sure I’m worrying too much . . . just hard to not weight out all the issues when you consider that you have no control over the chemicals that are involved in food processing and in buying formula from a manufacturer. Know what I mean??

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