It’s funny how my life has worked; basically, nothing has gone according to my plan. And for the most part, I’m finally okay with that. Over the past month or two, as I’ve prayed and prayed regarding this little one that is growing within me, I’ve asked the Lord who this little one is, what it’s purpose is, and whether it’s a boy or girl. I then started to dream that it was a boy. I continually referred to the baby as a him, and I’m carrying exactly the way that I carried Ryde, except this baby is even lower. I really got my answer that it was a boy. Yet I kept saying “I hope it’s a girl; if it’s a girl, then we’re done having kids.” And I kept getting a check every time I’d say it. I kept getting this sense that we’re not done. And I’m not to limit God’s plan for us. I keep saying that Mark and I are too old. Yet God knew how old we’d be when we got married. He’s not too small to keep us young and healthy so that we can have more kids. Nothing surprises Him, and He does have a plan for our family.

So as we went in for the ultrasound yesterday, I had full peace knowing that whatever we may find out, it was all good. I was looking forward to seeing this little person. And I was not disappointed. Our little man was lying on his head with his feet up above his head. He hid his face from us, hid his boy area, hid each body part as the ultrasound tech tried to move him around. He wiggled, squirmed, moved his mouth, moved his hands and feet, and was quite the little guy! For me, it was instant love for my second son. He couldn’t have been more beautiful or perfect. So when the mid-wives called to give us his health report; I was blessed to hear that they also found him to be “perfect” and “beautiful”. Our God does such a wonderful job of forming our babies. He takes care of them in the womb, and I’m no longer limiting what He can do when it comes to this baby’s delivery. God has it, and we’re going to allow Him to do His job in getting this baby out safely, all while keeping this mama safe as well.

So I’m blessed to be the mama of two boys. 🙂 I have a feeling that this little guy will be very different from Ryder, but I know that he has his own specific purpose in life and in our family. We’re blessed!

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