So when you live with three males and a wild dog, life is anything but boring. There are always clothes to be washed, food to cook, things to find (as no one can find where they put anything), stuff to put away, and things to be cleaned. Mud is a daily inhabitant of our house. It used to almost make me hyperventilate. Then I figured out that everything can be washed, and our water bill went up quite a bit. But my stress level is down.

I worked this morning while Mark took care of the boys. At some point during the morning, he called to inform me that somehow the hot pad from the oven got put in the wash and seemed to have stained Ryder’s nice school pants. Great. I get home to discover that Mark had been very helpful and had done a lot of laundry. He even washed bright green towels with whites, delicates with roughs, and all with warm water. How come when he does that everything comes out fine? Minus the pants. When I do that, something gets ruined. And I can’t fault him for the pants as that appears to be due to the age of the wash machine more than the hot pad. He must have a way with laundry?

Anyway, so while sorting out the laundry, my eldest son went to play outside. Our yard is a giant mud hole right now, and Ryder had a blast in it. The only thing holding him back was the dog poop, so Ezzy and I went out to collect it. Ezra crawled on the patio while I picked up poop. Meanwhile, I kept thinking to myself that very soon I’ll have two little boys covered in mud. And I’ll need more of an efficient way to deal with it, because as of right now, I have a pile of muddy clothes and shoes and a very muddy kitchen floor. That’s not so efficient. Then I noted that I’m starting to think more like the mom of boys than just a mom. If that makes any sense? I no longer worry about the house having anything nice in it, no longer worry about having anything nice period, no longer concern myself with keeping things in great shape, and generally, just figure most things are not worth worrying about. The only rules that we have are 1.) don’t wear nice shoes/pants outside, 2.) no throwing balls or hitting balls with a bat in the direction of a brother or TV, and 3.) no one is allowed in the ipad. Those are pretty relaxed house rules. I’m thinking they’ll change as the two brothers start playing more, but for now, that’s kept life pretty simple. And I’m not sure when I ceased to care about the furniture, the carpet, the condition of their toys, etc., but thank the Lord it did before Ezzy started walking. Please note, I do teach my kids to take care of things. But I’m not stressing about it.

And lastly, due to Ezzy feeling poorly and crying a lot, I’ve gone back to too much time on the internet. I’m finding that my brain needs to veg and the internet allows that. Probably the same for people who watch TV, yet I’ve never been a TV watcher. Just my best guess.

And very lastly, but most importantly, I’ve carried on my discussion with the Lord about having a baby girl. I’ve told Him that if He had just given me a boy and a girl I would have been quite happy. Yet He didn’t, and I got Ezzy, who I love, love, love. I wouldn’t trade Ryder or Ezra for 10 girls. But I still have a baby girl size hole in my heart. And I’m okay with living my whole life with my baby girl hole. I’m not going to push or try to force a situation. I’m just going to let it be. Eden Bella is God’s decision, and if she’s to be, He will work in Mark’s heart, my heart, and our finances to create an opening for her. If not, then so be it. All I know is that I enjoy my 3 boys, and life as a family of 4 + 1 dog is good. I’m content with it. And as Mark says, just pray hard that your boys marry really nice girls who call you for help with cooking . . . leave it to husbands to solve it. 😉

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