[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #9b9b9b;”] I[/dropcap]’d better post something quick in order to keep this blog going . . .

It’s been a busy week. I got hit with a chest cold/bad cough the day before the 4th of July, which is no good. Kind of ironic seeing how I taught on healing three days before; time for me to practice what I’ve preached, eh? It’s lasted for a week, so I’ve spent many nights sitting up in bed, trying to breathe, and trying to not cough out a lung. Baby has not been happy with me. I’ve also been feeling like my body is getting really cranky. And yesterday was the first day of feeling false labor stuff. Very uncomfy. Prior to getting sick, I felt great and sure that I could last a few more weeks of pregnancy. Then I got sick, then the weather decided it would be a good idea to be in the 90s all week (99 degrees tomorrow!!), and then my body just said you know what, no, it’s time to be done. We’ll see if Little Missy agrees . . .

In the meanwhile, my firstborn has a birthday this week!! We have counted down the months, the weeks, and now the days. We’ve been to Target and looked at every single toy, we’ve been to Toys R Us, and now he thinks he wants to go back to both as he just can’t decide. Personally, I can’t look at another Rescue Bot or Transformer or I might throw them out the window. He’s obsessed. But you only get one birthday a year. And he went from wanting a mango flavored cake to chocolate cupcakes with pink frosting . . . yet somehow decorated with Iron Man or Rescue Bots. At the beginning of the week, I thought I would just order a cake and make life easy. But I was sick with shingles on his birthday last year, and he was mega disappointed that I didn’t bake something. So I think we’ll give the cupcakes a go.

It’s so hard to believe that our boy is turning 4. He’s tall now and has the shortest hair he’s ever had; he is so intelligent, very bossy, likes to be in control of everything, and is completely a firstborn. Yet regardless of all of that, his little brother ADORES him. Really, R is a great older brother and he teaches E so much. I know that he’ll also be a great big brother to his sister; he’s totally excited about the baby. As far as behavior issues, we’re finally getting beyond a lot of the emotional stuff, and now it’s just the hitting, smart mouth, bossy behavior that are his main troubles. Otherwise, he’s a good kid. I love him to bits. He and his dad have a great relationship, and I love hearing them play and laugh together. So very special.

And lastly, both boys start swimming classes on Saturday. Daddy is the brave volunteer to take them as he spent years in swimming class; whereas I failed every swim class I took as a kid. I’ve never really liked water . . . Mark can swim like a fish. So it’ll be Daddy bonding time. While Mommy cleans the house and takes advantage of the quiet time.

Very, very lastly, I am not a TV watcher at all, but I got into watching “Call the Midwife.” It drew me in because a.) it takes place during the time period when Mark’s mom would have been having her first baby, b.) it’s in England, and c.) it’s very appropriate for me right now as it’s comforting right now in a weird way. I have had such great experiences with my midwives, and I would promote them to anyone. The UK still uses midwives as the primary care provider for pregnant women; they still do home visits in the months leading up to the birth. To see how they did things back then versus how it’s done now is all fascinating. But what I really love about the show is that it shows the main character’s transition from a privileged life into one of serving London’s poorest. It’s my heart. She doesn’t transition well at first, but now (second season) she’s really starting to love the people and get past the poverty, dirt, chaos, etc. I so love it. It’s stirring a lot in me as far as my own heart/purpose/calling. Plus, the miracle of childbirth is really a beautiful thing.

I hope to post a few more blogs before Baby E comes, but we’ll see!!

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