Are you someone who can easily ask for things? Or are you more like I am and find it really hard to ask for something that you’d like? I have no problem asking for things like directions or asking someone questions that help to clarify a situation. But when it comes to asking for help, for something that I really need, or for something that I actually would love to have, I find it to be very difficult. So when it comes to my walk with God and approaching Him boldly, I’m totally great with approaching Him in worship, in thankfulness, in obedience, and in submission. But when it comes to anything beyond prayers of asking for protection for my family, I’m kind of at a loss.  The only times in my life when I truly felt bold enough to ask for the desires of my heart were right before I met my husband and right before we decided to try to have a baby girl. I still remember both of those times and all the anguish I poured into my prayers; all the emotion of really wanting God’s will for my life and needing to know if it was His will for me to be married and for me to have a daughter. I searched the Word, I prayed, I sought counsel, and both times, I received clear answers that it was okay (actually more than okay) to ask for those. And both times, I received my dreams within the next year; I treasure my husband and my daughter (as well as both my sons) because I know without a shadow of a doubt that God delighted in matching them with me.

Anyway, back to asking, so if any of you are like me, when certain words or themes start popping up everywhere in life, you start to take notice. For me, it’s been this season of seeing the two words of “dream” and “ask”. It’s to the point where I’m starting to get the message that I’m supposed to be asking God for my dreams. Yet I put those dreams on the shelf a long time ago, and they’re really dusty and I’m not sure if I even know what they are or where I placed them . . . so how do I ask the Lord for them? And really, I just want His dream for me. I don’t want my dreams; I want Him. That’s always been the cry of my heart.

So to ask my Father God for a dream of my heart, I’m kind of at a loss for words. I can pick up pieces of this and memories of that, but to actually put a sentence together and to say “Lord, this is the dream of my heart . . . ” I don’t really know where to go from there.

I do  know this though – our Father God is a Creator. That means that He has this fabulous imagination, this desire for life, this energy that loves to make new and unique things. How do I know that? Look at all the variety and creativity He has put into this earth, into all of creation, and into the hearts and minds of people everywhere. You don’t have to travel far before you see beauty and creativity everywhere. Creative people are ones who are radiating with ideas, thoughts, imagination, and new life. That’s why most of us can’t help but enjoy springtime; we enjoy the change from winter to spring, from dry, dead, gray to wet, green, and bursting with new things. It brings hope, the idea that a new season will bring new things, and it refreshes us.

So I know that God is in this season of awakening dreams within His people, because He delights in doing new things, bringing forth new ideas, new life, new adventures. He delights in our partnering with Him to do exploits with Him. He delights in taking the uniqueness of you, infusing it with Himself, and then setting you loose to glorify Him and His kingdom. He really does. And I hope that whoever may read this will get this sense that this is for them too. What is your God-given dream? What is He asking you to believe for? What is something you always wanted to do for Him, but it has always been too expensive, too hard, too big, or just out of your grasp? Ask Him for it now. Dream big with Him. He is not a limited God; He is the unlimitless One. He takes delight in knowing the desires of our hearts, in our dreaming big for Him, and in our stepping out in boldness to ask Him to fulfill our dreams.

And if you’re not sure that God really does care about the dreams of your heart, ask Him if He does. Seek Him, read through scripture and research His heart towards you. You’ll be very pleasantly surprised. I’ll leave this at that, but if you take me up on this challenge, know that I am doing the same and when I figure out how to word my dream, I will be sure to post it and share it. I would love to hear if you do it and what happens!!

Go and dream big for God! Take an adventure with Him and take delight in getting to know His heart; it will be so worth your while. Trust me as I go and do the same.





3 thoughts on “bold enough to ask

  1. And I realize that “unlimitless” is not really a word. I was thinking limitless and unlimited which resulted in unlimitless, which probably means the exact opposite of what I meant. But hopefully it made sense . . . kind of?

  2. Hi Micah. It was really good to hear from you. My favorite scripture use to be. Knock and the door shall be opened. Plain and simple. So easy to understand and to follow. I am one of those people who has no problems asking for what I want. God tells us to ask. I don’t have expectations, so I am not disappointed when my prayers don’t get answered.

    I love your take on dreams and desire. I remember very clearly, as if it were yesterday. When I was in my late 20ies, 30ies and 40ies how on fire I was for the Lord. How I wanted to change the world. I wanted to serve Him at all costs. There was no stopping me. I wanted His will for me. Not mine. I wanted my children to serve Him. I talked about Jesus to anyone who would listen and to those who didn’t have a choice. I would lay down my life for the sake of Christ. I felt that way since I was 7 yrs old. If only I had a do over. I would do so many things differently.

    My life is different now. I still love the Lord. The fire is gone. I have no dreams, no desires. I don’t feel it is my place to get anyone born again. If God places someone in my path and I feel the Spirit of God on me, I will minister to that person. This happens all the time.

    Micah, I must tell you. This is a most joyful, encouraging blog. God is doing a mighty work in you. Don’t sweat about Dreams and Desires. They are both from God. How could you go wrong. Your dreams are your desires. Your desires are your dreams. I think you think to much. lol

    1. Hi Eleanor,
      Your comment made me laugh; Mark always says I think too much! 🙂 You are right in that God gives us our desires, which are also our dreams. I hope you rediscover your dreams and your passion for Jesus and what He has put inside of you. He is not finished with you!! He has so much good in store and ready for you to do. I think of you and pray for you all often.

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