How a girl who’s always wanted to live in the city married a man who would never live in the city I don’t know. How this couple ended up in Longmont, CO is a mystery as well. I have to tell you that I kind of border on a feeling similar to loathing when I think of the town that we live in. The only two positives that I can think of regarding Longmont are a.) we live about 10 blocks from the school that I went to as a kid and teenager, so I have lots of good memories, and b.) my parents and grandmother are both 5 minutes away. Can’t beat that. However, I make Mark promise me (on a regular basis) that we will not live in Longmont for the rest of our lives. 🙂
My main complaint about Longmont is boredom. There’s zippo to do, which makes the winters seem unbearably long. Second complaint is that only parts of Longmont are pretty; we don’t live in the pretty part. We live in the bordering on run down, not much money to fix up homes part. Half of the neighboring houses don’t have sprinklers, so their yards are as burned out as ours. Sad. And third complaint is that Longmonters are rude. Many are Boulder wannabes, and many are just not real nice. Even the Target is lacking as the clearance racks are cleaned out the minute the items get marked down. So that about sums it up really. 😉
If I had my way, we would be in a little village just outside of Paris or on the Coast somewhere near a big city. Long Island is almost the perfect place to live minus the cost of it. Totally not affordable. Beautiful yet a tad bit crowded. However, there’s lots of access to many fun places. I get why my aunt ended up there. I wish we lived closer. Mark and I spent a week out in Central California last Spring, and we could have moved there and never looked back. However, it shares a similarity with Long Island. Simply not affordable. Beautiful with lots to do, but no way to afford it.
So I daydream . . . and really, I would live almost anywhere. I kick myself for leaving Shrewsbury as it was the picture perfect place to live. I wonder why we didn’t settle in Carlisle as I could have been a full-time volunteer at one of the world’s largest mission organizations (which is my dream). And I think hmm, did we miss it? Or are we just here for a season? Or is it best that our boys be around their much loved Chan ‘n Pop and Hav? I have so many memories of growing up with my grandparents that I know how valuable that is for my kids.
Maybe a vacation fund needs to become a priority over our internet access? Especially considering how little time we’re spending on the internet at home now . . . just thinking as I think I was born with a wandering, can I go there and see that, non-settling down heart.

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