[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #9b9b9b;”] L [/dropcap]ife is funny, God works in mysterious ways, and all I know is that you never know what will happen. Over the past few years, God has broken down a lot in me. And in the brokeness, I’m being remade into something that He finds to be beautiful. I have no idea what the outcome will be, but I’m seeing much more of His heart and passion in me.

A few months ago, I had the honor of getting a glimpse of God’s heart for the nations. I felt His longing, His love, His desire for the nations to know and experience Jesus. It broke my heart; I wept uncontrollably and shamelessly as there was nothing I could do. There was no other outlet for what He was doing in my heart. And I weep every time I think about that day as I still feel it. Ever since then, my prayer has been that God would show me more, that He would give me a greater love for others, a greater sense of His heart for this world.

And He has done that, but it hasn’t happened like I expected. Instead, He’s working into me a greater love for the people of the United Kingdom and Europe. I kick myself that this is happening now and not four years ago when we were living in England. I kick myself as I struggle to love the people in my own town, yet I have this immense love for the people of my husband’s homeland. I’m like what in the world is going on?? We just went through an exhausting visa process and an expensive, giant move/settling into the US, so why didn’t we just skip all of that and stay in the U.K. if this was going to happen? I have so many questions . . .

Even further, I’ve found it fascinating that there seems to be a consistent feel/move/effort that is drawing missionaries, pastors, ministers to the U.K. as they all feel that 2012 is a great year for the United Kingdom to wake up and to meet the Lord. And I won’t go into all the detail. I’ll just say that it’s been amazing to see how many people from different nations are getting a heart for England. It, again, brings me to tears. I know that our upcoming trip to see my husband’s family is not just coincidence in timing. I know that it has significance and will be a very important trip for our family and for this time.

Much more on this to come as I continue to seek the Lord on what He’s working in me. But for now, I’ll leave this with a link that is a call for prayer for the United Kingdom as bells will be ringing across the land in celebration of the Olympics. However, if you study further, you’ll learn that the ringing of church bells is quite significant. So this has a greater meaning than just preparation for an athletic event. God is on the move and calling for His saints to join in prayer for this nation of our world.


P.S. The attached photo is a view of the Abbey that we lived across the street from when we lived in England. This Abbey held the first ever parliament. Tells you how old it is . . . 🙂

One thought on “before I burst

  1. Micah, stop kicking yourself. You are exactly where Gods wants you to be. If you had stayed in England you would be longing to come home. You had to go through everything you have been through and much more. Gods calling is great and he prepares you. When I read what Joseph went through, to make him King. It had to be that way.

    God is not done with you. Focus on today. One step at a time. Embrace the lessens God is teaching you. Some are going to be very challenging. Surround yourself with others who have a vision. Preparation for the ministry is no different than getting ready for battle in the natural. Actually we are trained for spiritual and the natural battle field.

    As for now. your calling is to God first. Husband, children, church and in that order. If God burns a hole in your heart and tells you to put ministry first they do what you have to do. Read the New Testament and see what Jesus says about that first.

    Love You

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