We’ve been trying to communicate to Ryder that a new baby is coming. So far, it’s resulted in him thinking that he’s the baby and “baby” and “belly” are the same. Not real successful. πŸ™‚ Now, we’re calling the baby “Brother” so that Ryde can still be baby. This seems to be working somehow as he’ll now come up and pat my stomach. He realizes something is there; of course, he really has no idea what it is. I guess he’ll know soon enough . . .

Baby is 26 weeks along. Or according to Babycenter, we have 98 days till the due date. In one way that terrifies me as it seems just around the corner, and in another way, I dread the next three months. My hips, back, legs, etc. ache all day already. Baby seems to be quite the trapeze artist as he moves constantly. Mark can now see him when he moves, which is fun. I’m waiting for the perfect moment when Ryde can feel “Brother” move. I think he’ll enjoy that quite a bit.

A week or two ago, we were blessed with some money to help with Ryder’s new room. So we’re now able to buy his new bed, and we bought some cowboy themed decorations. I’m not sure how it’ll turn out, but hopefully, it will be boyish and fun. We weren’t able to find a map theme, adventure them, or travel theme like we wanted. So it came down to pirates or cowboys. We opted for cowboys as Hobby Lobby has a ton of cowboy items. My dad then told me that he had a cowboy room when he was little, so that solves it. πŸ™‚ Once the bed comes, we can rearrange the furniture and slowly move Rydey in.

I feel bad for my little man as this baby is forcing him to be the big brother, and he’s not big in any way. He’s definitely ready for a playmate, but I’m very conscious of not turning him into the older, responsible sibling. I want him to still be my baby.

And I have no idea what this second baby will be like. So far, he’s way more active in the womb than Ryde was. He gives the nurses and mid-wives a hard time whenever they want to see or hear him, but that’s all we really know. So it’ll be quite the surprise. I’m ready to meet him, but I’m certainly not ready for long sleepless nights, long feedings, and sleep deprivation. Nor am I sure how I’m going to keep up with Ryder and have a newborn to care for. But a million mothers before me have done it, so I guess I can as well. πŸ™‚

Kind of hoping that the 98 days go kind of slow yet kind of quick all at once!

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