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We took Ezra to his 6 month check up yesterday, and as I guessed, he’s still not gaining much weight. Poor guy is long and lean – 9th percentile for his body weight. 82nd percentile for his head size. 🙂 The doctor says all his weight is going to his brain. 😉 We still struggle with a bottle, so after talking to the doctor, the new plan of action is to transition over to meats, yogurt, cottage cheese, and try a sippy cup. Her guess is that Ezzy has a high metabolism (just like his dad), so he’s needing a higher calorie/fat diet, which formula + fruit/veg alone can’t provide. I feel better about that. It just means that my efforts in baby food making need to increase. So I found this baby food site, which even tells you how to cook meats for your baby –

This lady is on the same page as I am as far as feeding my child healthy foods, yet not going to any extreme. I so appreciate the internet and tips from other moms!

And secondly, I’ve been trying to clean our cupboards out and eat everything that we’ve got in order to stretch our dollars and get rid of things that have sat for a while. So dinner at our house have been interesting. 🙂 I basically live off of as it allows me to search by ingredient. I then modify any recipe that has most of the ingredients that I have. And a friend of mine from my days at Fuller has started her own blog – – which I enjoy because she just modifies her recipes according to what’s on hand. It’s helped me to think outside the box a bit.

Thirdly, after some encouragement from my husband who perseveres through all things and finishes everything he starts, I have some ideas on projects/goals that I want to accomplish in 2012. And as Mark says “do it and finish it.” I’m ridiculously bad at finishing anything. Childbirth is probably the only thing I finish well at. 🙂 So that’s my #1 goal for the upcoming year. I hope it brings some good change.

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  1. hey Micah! Thanks for the little "shout out"! Glad it's been useful for you. great to read your blog and keep up to date with you. 🙂

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