I have a few more thoughts to finish up the “baby dilemma” post as I’ve continued to think on all of this . . .

First, I recognize that many couples aren’t able to conceive or struggle through it, and they would take as many babies as they could have. I actually have a handful of friends in this boat. They’re each using different options to pursue having a child – some through a surrogate mother, some through fertility treatments, and some through adoption. So I don’t take how easy my boys were conceived lightly. Nor do I take the health of my children lightly nor do I take for granted the thought that says oh, we’ll easily conceive another child. I love the thought of adoption; I just don’t love the thought of the expense or paperwork as it brings back immigration nightmares . . .

I also know that the average first time mom in Boulder, CO is 37 years old. So in some circles, I’m still quite young. 🙂 I don’t mean to discourage any moms who are older than I am either. I just would have to seriously work out before the next baby as 4 hours of pushing for a non-active person such as myself was not expected or good planning on my part. 😉

So really, it comes down to two questions for us. 1.) Am I willing to go through pregnancy/childbirth again? The midwives that delivered both my kids felt that I shouldn’t deal with either preeclampsia or a super long labor/delivery again. They guessed that a third baby would be born after 10 hours of labor and 2 hours of pushing (half the time of Ezra). That’s their best guess . . . obviously no one can predict any of that. Whether or not I would tear badly, the placenta would get stuck again, or a c-section would be needed, only God knows that. So it’s a whole trusting God issue. I really can’t even think about being pregnant again or going through labor right now as my memories of Ezzy are still too clear. 🙂

2.) We would have to change jobs and cars. We could possibly stay in this house until the boys hit about 5 and could no longer fit in their shared little room. However, dragging kids to work and to cleaning jobs would no longer be an option with 3. I would possibly have a nervous breakdown if we tried to attempt it. So I’d have to find a work from home job, and Mark would have to change jobs or find a work from home second job. Again, it’s a prayer/seeking God and then trusting Him question. As is the payment of the baby’s birth – God would have to provide. And He did provide the finances for both kids and their births.

So to end this, I would say that if questions 1 and 2 were resolved or not issues to begin with, I think Mark and I would be all for another child as we originally wanted 4 kids. 🙂 It’s just a matter now of presenting all of this before the Lord and then deciding how we should proceed. So I guess in 6 months or so, we’ll all know the answer. Or who knows, maybe at 37 I’ll get a wild hair and decide to go for having a little girl. 😉

And very last thing, if we did decide to go for it, we already have a third son’s name picked out. I don’t want to sound like I would be devastated if we had a third boy. I’d be disappointed, but I wouldn’t go into it without being ready to love and dote on number 3 just like I have with number 1 and 2. I would just be one very busy, active mom who might need a lot more girl time than I currently get.

Thanks to all who read my thoughts and who give their thoughts in return. I value it highly!

2 thoughts on “baby dilemma continued

  1. Jordan and I didn't put thought into having children.. call us ignorant, but we've never planned a pregnancy, they've all happened from lack of planning.. or not planning well enough. God is always our provider. We drive a sedan with 3 car seats squished in the back, but it works. God has provided for all of our needs and then blessed us with extra. He'll do the same for you guys.
    You'd think having 3 babies in 3 years would scare me from having another… but when I see pregnant women and newborns, my uterus starts thumping and it makes me want another! I don't know if I'll ever be "done" having kids. I definitely think it will be a mourning period for me if that time comes. However, for the next 5 years, I'm hoping to not get pregnant! ha!

  2. Kort, you're funny. 🙂 And we've tried to figure out how to put 3 car seats in either of the cars. It's a no go. But both are cars are ancient, so we'll probably need a new car anyway . . .

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