Did you know that infants laugh? I mean very young infants, like at 6 weeks of age. Mark was feeding Ezra a few weeks ago, and he was teasing him with the bottle. Suddenly, Ez started to chuckle, and we were both asking each other if it was for real. It certainly was. 🙂 I then asked the pediatrician about it as Ezzy has laughed more since, and she confirmed that little ones do indeed laugh early. Just a fun thought . . . 🙂

Our Ezra is turning into quite the baby. He’s out of the newborn phase, weighs almost 12 pounds, and stays awake quite a bit. He’s also had two nights of sleeping for almost 6 hours (thank the Lord!). At 2 months of age, he’s still quite a bit different from how his brother was. But we’ll see if that phase continues. I’m so thankful for how easy going he is as I really don’t know that I could stay sane otherwise. I greatly admire moms with lots of energetic children! Each day, I think this may be our last kid. We may just stick with two. 🙂 Children are certainly a blessing, and God most definitely gives a lot of grace to their parents . . .

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