Has it been a long week or what?! I can barely remember last week . . . too much going on!!

So we’re back into trying to refinance our house. Headacheville. And we don’t plan on living here for many more years, so I’m wondering if it’s worthwhile. This is when I wish we had a financial planner who just handled all of our finances and told us what to do. I would gladly pay a very smart person to do that.

The funny thing is that I’ve finally come to the point of having a fondness for our house. It’s tiny, very impractical for having people over, has very little storage space, and the neighborhood is not the greatest, but it’s our home. We now have lots of good memories here. And with the way that the economy has been, I don’t have high hopes of being able to afford something better unless we decide to move to Timbuktu . . . . or England. Even if we moved to England, we’d still be in something tiny. So I’m now highly looking forward to our upcoming trip to New York as I am spending a few hours in Ikea. I need some creative ideas on how to make more use of our space. Not to mention that Ryder will soon be moving into the office in order to make room for Baby #2. 🙂 Where we’re going to put all of Baby #2’s things, I have no idea. Nor do I have any ideas on what to do for Ryder’s new room. But I am determined to find some practical deals, and Ikea is my main hope.

And really, that’s all that I’ve got to write about. We are blessed, blessed, blessed and so excited about our newest addition to the family. Yet it does present lots of new questions and challenges. However, something that God has really been putting on my heart lately is that I’m not to worry about tomorrow. He’ll take care of it. He has my health, my baby’s health, the provision we need, the job that Mark needs, and even the creative ideas on how to make space. So I’m simply to enjoy today. And as much as the first trimester can feel a bit cruddy as I’m tired, have to pee constantly, and am fighting off nausea, there’s something very special about the first days of getting to know a new little one. There’s something really nice too about being able to stretch your legs and not have them cramp (like they do once the second trimester hits). So I’m enjoying today and praying that we make the right decisions. Thanking God for His love, favor, and provision!!

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  1. Hey, you know, Eli's been sleeping in a playpen in our office since he was about 3 months old. He hasn't complained:-) But I must admit that I am looking forward to getting a bunk bed for the boys though when Eli turns 2. It's pretty amazing, isn't it, how much stuff these little people acquire! You know there's going to be cutest overload in this world when baby Hayden #2 arrives! So excited for you my dear friend xoxo

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