Yesterday, while walking around downtown Denver with my family, my middlest told his Chan how the Grinch should really come at Halloween and not at Christmas, because he’s scary and belongs with Halloween . . . or something similar to that. Fast forward to that evening as I’m laying on the couch, trying to relax after a long day, and Mark is ironing and trying to order a Christmas present online . . . and I very clearly stated to Mark that spending all our money on a hot water heater + dealing with puking kids for one week just sucked all the motivation out of me. I’m on the edge of feeling very much like the Grinch. I haven’t done Christmas cards, and we’ve done hardly any Christmas shopping. As much as I’ve stayed positive and kept my head up, I’m truly bummed that we can’t buy anyone gifts. It has made me just feel ugh and made me wish I was one of those mega thrifty, crafty people who doesn’t procrastinate until the very last minute and who can create cuteness out of very little. But alas, I’m not. Crafty is no where in my being. Cute is barely there as well, and on time and prepared is not remotely present in my life right now. So what is a girl to do . . . ?

And I know Christmas is not about shopping, gifts, presents, etc. It’s about the best Gift of all. I know that very clearly, and truthfully, He has clearly helped me to remember where my focus is for this Christmas. Even as we sing carols or hear them played in the stores, I have been very aware of the birth of our Savior and I’ve loved every Christmas themed song, poem, school program, etc. that we’ve participated in this year. It has brought me to the simplicity of Christmas. And I have a very strong feeling that simplicity is where we’re headed in general. In amongst all the uncertainty of everything going on in this upcoming year, simplicity is the one that I know we will encounter for sure. It’s one that we long for, one that we need, one that I think will keep us grounded through all of the change and uncertainty coming up. So for that I am grateful.

And I guess I’m saying all of that to say this: Jesus really is the reason for the season. Jesus is everything that we long for, that we’ve purposed our lives upon, and that we’re running for. And if all else fails, if we can’t scrape enough pennies together to do much of any kind of gifts, we can give Him, His love, His presence in our lives, and His hope and joy. And on this partly cloudy, chilly Monday morning, as I encourage myself in the Lord, He reminds me that I’ve got this Christmas to spend here at the place of my birth, with my family (including my Grandma), with all of us in good health, and with two whole days off. There is so much to rejoice in with just that alone. So much.

So I will leave you with a scripture, and I wish you all a very merry Christmas! There is so much to look forward to in the New Year, and there is so much to enjoy in this season. So as I remind myself of that, I hope you are doing the same and enjoying every moment!

Psalm 118:29
Oh give thanks to the Lord, for He is good; for his steadfast love endures forever!

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