Sometimes life feels as if it’s a bit of a joke. This week has been like that. My laptop died over the weekend, so we’re stuck with our ghetto, refurbished, very quirky backup laptop, which can be painful to use as it’s mega frustrating. We actually had a free Sunday this week, so we planned to go up to Estes to enjoy a family day. Ryder threw a giant tantrum while we were waiting to get a table for lunch. Once we were seated at our table, he threw another giant tantrum. It left Mark and I both embarrassed and frustrated. The lady next to us tried to make us feel better, but I think it just made it worse. Ryder had by far his worst day at work on Monday, and things just kind of stayed the same since then. So I’ve decided it’s better just to stay home. Until he’s a bit more mature in life, we’ll just stay home. Or until I get some mega revelation about how to handle both a toddler and an infant in public, we’ll just stay home. The house needs a huge spring cleaning, we have weeds the size of trees (no exaggeration seriously) growing on the side of the house, and Zoya is lonely. So why not just make a life at home, hey?! That’s where I’m at . . . and this laptop is not cooperating, so life on the internet may cease to exist as well. 🙂 Lord, have mercy . . . or give me a sense of humor please!

On a serious, good note – I downloaded the book “Weird: Because Normal Isn’t Working” by Craig Groeschel. Great book. Great tips on how to make the priorities in life priority. And again, I can’t say enough about my kindle . . . 🙂

And p.s. please take this post with humor. I am at the point of just laughing and being relaxed about how most things don’t go my way. And I am serious about making the most of staying home, but I have a good attitude about it. It’s just a phase . . . a season that we’ll get through. But we will be hermits in the mean time. 🙂

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  1. We came to the same conclusion about a year ago after we went out to eat with Jordan's co-workers and both the kids were throwing tantrums, wouldn't listen, biting the other one, etc. I found after talking to lots of other moms, that they too just stay home. Or we just go to a restaurant that we can eat and be out within 30 minutes. At least you're having a good attitude about everything. It is easier just to laugh it off and move on.

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