Just to give an account of God’s love and faithfulness to us –

April and May have been months where we’ve had bill after bill after bill. We knew some of the bills were coming, so we’ve been squeezing, pinching, and praying over our pennies. We didn’t know that the bills would be more and bigger than we expected. So I decided to give it all to God. Simple faith really. A day later we received a big financial gift that allowed us to pay two of the bills. So very exciting and such a huge blessing!! It’s amazing when God puts your family on another family’s heart, and that family responds in such a generous way. 🙂

Since last summer, we’ve been watching for a small climbing play thing for Ryder to have in the backyard. Everything was $50 or higher or in really bad shape. I had told Mark that we’re going to need something to entertain Ryde in the backyard and to help when I need to take care of the baby. Mark randomly comes home and tells me that his co-worker’s in-laws want to get rid of the play set that they’ve had in their yard. Mark said yes, then planned a time to go and pick it up. When I saw what he picked up, I told Mark that I just asked for simple and basic, and God gave us supreme!! I’ll post pictures later . . .

And lastly, we’ve already had two lovely ladies prepare meals for us once the baby comes. So my freezer is slowly getting stocked. SUCH A BLESSING! God is always good. 🙂

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  1. Praise God for how good He is! Love your testimony, my friend! Glad you shared it! And, of course, I'll be cooking for you too when the baby arrives! Love you!

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