One other thing to add to the post below – also a conglomeration of thoughts that I’ve been chewing on lately –
Character building is in the mundane, every day, waiting of life. I realize that. I also realize that we do have to bloom where we’re planted. And I see that I have made progress in that. I’ve quit my moaning about our cleaning jobs, I’ve quit my moaning about other things that I haven’t been happy about, and most importantly, I’ve stayed involved in local outreach and in doing what God’s called us to do here and now.
So this time has not been wasted time. Just as 9 months of pregnancy is not wasted time, but actually vital growth time for the little being who is in the womb, so is waiting time. And the past few years have been a test in how to find contentment where I’m at. I still have a ways to go on that, but I am getting better. šŸ˜‰ So my past post was not to just whine about wanting to be some place else, but to know that in the midst of my present situation there is still a longing for things that God has put on my heart. I hope that makes sense, and I have a whole lot on my heart that needs to be written out. A lot of half blogs that I need to finish and post . . . these are just tid bits for now.

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