So I need to write a bit more to the post below . . .

I had a missed call from the doctor’s office on Wednesday night, and so I called back last night. Lo and behold, the doctor had a lot to discuss with me. I thought she was going to tell me what the doctor (who I saw on Tuesday) had already told me. But it turns out that things weren’t clearly communicated, and the doctor from Tuesday had gone back to take a more in-depth look at my mammogram. Long story short, his recommendation, which my doctor clearly agreed with, was that I go and have one more test done by a breast surgeon. Mammograms and ultrasounds only show so much. A biopsy is 100%, but more than that, breast surgeons can feel a lump and know if it’s worrisome enough to call for a biopsy. Ugh. Not the news I wanted to hear. So I explained our financial situation to my doctor, and she understood. But she said they would not recommend the additional appointment if they didn’t feel it was needed.

Anyway, so long story short, as I was praying in the shower this morning, what came to mind is that God asks us to trust Him. He’s been asking that of me more and more. He asks us to walk out our faith. And I choose to believe Him and His Word. So if I was at peace before the mammogram/ultrasound, why would I not still be in peace? Yes, it’s a lot more money. But has God failed us yet? Has He let us go without yet? Yes, Mark is headed overseas in a week, but did God not already know that? Can He still not be trusted? Can Mark not carry on with his trip and trust God to care for his family while he’s gone? Will God not watch over the boys and me while Mark’s away?

Something else that came to mind this morning is the journey of Pilgrim in “The Pilgrim’s Progress.” Did Pilgrim ever not have to fight battles? He had victory after victory, but they weren’t easily won. He got times of rest and enjoyment, but each time was preparation for the next battle. For some reason, when I look at my life through that story, I get a better perspective. So the mammogram/ultrasound were a good battle, and as Mark and I pray about what to do next, God will lead us and show us. He’ll take care of it. I just have to keep my peace and keep walking. šŸ™‚ I can do all things through Him who strengthens me. Take it one day at a time – stay fully present and fully trusting and just watch God do His thing. So we’ll just leave it at that.

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