[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #9b9b9b;”] P[/dropcap]ink – I did indeed get a bit of shopping time over the weekend. My hubby is so sweet and let me take off on my own while he and the boys hunkered down for some form of resting/lounging/hanging out at the house yesterday. I discovered that baby girl clothing really is almost all pink. Wow. I was hoping for more variation in color than what I found, but oh well. My mom did get this very cute outfit in black, white, and red for Miss EdieB. It’s by far my favorite baby item!! (Sorry for the quality of the photo – not my best skill.)

Bunk beds – we transitioned E over to R’s room last night. R has slept in the top bunk for two nights now, and after a lot of tears and talking to, E finally slept in the bottom bunk. He loves being in Ryde’s room, but I think he just doesn’t comprehend that it’s now Ryder AND Ezra’s room. It was very sweet though to hear the two boys chat quietly as they tried to fall asleep; I could listen to their sweet voices every night.

Terrible Two’s – I’ve decided that this age of childhood is not named as much for the child as for the terrible time that the parents have to endure. Ezra is banned from all trips to Target and the grocery store right now. I don’t care if Mark is with us or not; Ezzy is not allowed until he’s finished throwing tantrums.

Doctor appointments and lab work – I am so over doctor visits, tests, and lab work. I’ve been up to my ears in all of it, and I told Mark that after this week, I’m done. I’m not agreeing to anymore checks of my blood pressure, urine, placenta, or whatever else they can come up with. It’s far too hard to miss work and to get a sitter. Minus the fact that every single item costs us $$. And I’m not in fear about any of it. My blood pressure will be just fine . . . my placenta is just fine. We’re all just fine!! This is me saying this after spending all day on Saturday enduring a 24 hour lab test that had to be redone because the lab messed up the first one. *Rolling my eyes.*

Girl stuff – I’m not sure that our little house is ready for girly stuff yet. We’ve become such a boy oriented house. I find trucks, cars, trains, dinosaurs, etc. lying everywhere in our house. I’ve started to dig through the baby toys, and I realized that there’s not a lot of gender neutral toys. I don’t mind having her play with blues, greens, etc., but it’s mostly baby trucks, baby cars, baby boy story books. It just struck me to be funny when I saw how boy oriented we’ve been. She’s going to be born into a very masculine world as I’ve even put away most of my feminine, fragile, decorating clutter. Besides seeing Paris themed things around, there’s not much that would tell you that a feminine, girly lady lives in our house. I did save all the books that I read when I was growing up, and my parents have been storing my Victorian doll house that they built for me when I was little. So our girl will inherit some treasured items from her mama, and I’m sure that our house will very quickly change into a a good balance of male/female stuff. However, I think we’ll all be purging even more as it’s feel like our 950 sq feet is getting tighter and tighter.

Gardening and Clean eating – Every year I say that we are going to do a garden . . . we need to do a garden. I just need to get with the program . . . . like now. And Mark has started talking about raising chickens; not really a venture that I’m ready for. But I hear why he’s saying it. We’ve also decided to do more in regards to cleaning up our eating. We’d like to go off of white sugar, white flour, all processed items, etc. We’ve been slowly transitioning as I’ve been making more and more things from scratch, but to cut out sugar completely will be big for us. So it’ll be a slow transition . . . but I’m actually excited to start experimenting with almond and coconut flours, using honey more, trying new recipes, etc. I’m not excited about introducing more new foods to my two picky eaters . . . we’re doing well to get them to eat in general. And considering the amount of fruit they consume, an orchard would be a more appropriate endeavor for redoing/repurposing our backyard.

Thankfulness – Every day, I realize how much I have to be thankful for. We are so blessed, and God is so good. So I’m just dwelling in a pool of thankfulness and gratitude for all that HE is, all that HE has done, all that HE is doing, and all that HE is going to do.

England – My oldest is desperate to go to England again . . . he may have the travel bug like his mom. Makes my heart proud!

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  1. Hi Micah,
    It is wonderful to hear that you had such a peaceful and positive weekend. Except for the blood test. I got so caught up in your story I forgot all about the pain I was in. Everything is going to be fantastic. I believe with all my heart. I was thinking of all the baby shops at Flatirons Mall and they do have have clothes with many colors. Some of the European stores are so expensive.Sometimes things are 50% off and still expensive. There are times I just give up something and buy an outfit cuz baby girl cloths are so cute. Imagine, I have 9 grand-daughters. Who’s counting? God seems to place special little girls in my life every year. I love it. I pray he never stop.

    Keep smiling, stay focused and remember all the people who love and pray for the Hayden’s everyday.


    1. Hi Eleanor,
      I hope your recovery is going well? And I am sure you’re looking forward to seeing your granddaughter soon! This will be the 6th granddaughter for Mark’s parents, and they were hoping for a girl, as were my parents. 🙂
      You are right about Flatirons; I do like to look at the Children’s Place and Gymboree when they have sales. The other shops are mega-pricey! I would never spend more money on baby clothes than I do on my own clothing!
      Thanks for praying for us – praying for you as well!

  2. Don’t know if you’ve heard about Bountiful Baskets…they give you a whole bunch of fruits and veggies for cheaper than from the store, and they have organic. (Of course, you may already have some good options in Colorado…we don’t really here.) We have five chickens (a rooster and 4 hens) and we LOVE them. WE have one of those moveable coops with two egg laying nests. We get 3-4 eggs a day. Right now, we are trying to hatch 27 eggs. We’ll see. I’m hoping for some organic meat, and about 10 more chicks for the flock.

    1. Hey Lisa,
      I have not heard about Bountiful Baskets; I’ll take a look. We have several local farms here that do fruit/veg baskets from May to the Fall, but they have been very pricey. I haven’t hit much luck with them. Longmont is trying to pass a law that states that everyone can raise chickens; right now, they haven’t wanted them in the center of town. We’re right in the middle of a neighborhood that has an old HOA ban on them, but that may change. So I think Mark is right in saying that it would be great to have them. My kids would love getting the eggs . . . 27 eggs sounds like a great amount!

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