My husband says that I should do a blog regarding our recent discovery. So I will. Mainly though because I’m overdue on my blog of the week.

As most of you know, we had our ultrasound yesterday morning. And we were shocked, surprised, stunned, speechless to find out that our little one is actually a boy and not a girl. My entire family (minus my dad) thought it was a girl. I thought it was a girl. Mark thought it was a girl; we were hoping for a girl. We’ve had our girl named for almost two years now, so we’ve been expectantly awaiting her as we feel like we know her already. I guess we’ll keep on waiting . . . I shouldn’t be surprised really as the story of my life is “Learning to Wait” or the “Beauty of Waiting”. And just in case my little boy ever reads his mama’s blog, I will say that we are not disappointed that we are having a son. Just surprised as he was totally unexpected. Things that are unexpected are good things, and I’m looking forward to seeing this little guy, meeting his personality, and watching him grow up. I do hope he’s a bit like his daddy, but I also hope that he really enjoys being with his mommy. I hope he has patience with me as I’m not in any way a tomboy type girl. I hope he realizes that I’ll be trying to think of boyish things that we can do together. 🙂 More than anything though, I’ve been praying that he will have a heart to passionately love God. From the minute we found out that we were expecting, I’ve been praying that this one would be filled with love for the Lord and for others. I want him to be a lover of all people. That is my hope for him. I also hope that my boy gets to know his grand-dad and what a great man he is. I hope my dad gets to teach him baseball, basketball, football, and all the American things that he knows while my husband teaches him boxing, karate, and soccer. I hope the three of them really hit it off together. I hope that Mark and I agree on a boy’s name before he’s born . . . .

And now changing subjects . . . we’re still living in the land of stress right now. Mark’s greencard interview is on Thursday morning at 7:30. We’ll both be interviewed, and I’m more nervous for this than anything else that we’ve had to do in the last 2 years. I’m praying, trusting, believing that the greencard will be granted, and that this 2 year process will be over!!!! That would be such a joyful moment, such a relief for us. I can’t even describe it to you. Please pray for us.

Mark is starting the Alpha course at our church; so far it is going well. The training has been good; we have some solid volunteers. We have people who’ve already signed up, and I really believe it will be a fruitful outreach. Mark has definitely got the gifting and the heart to do this ministry, so it’s been fun to watch him. Fun to see him grow as he steps out. 🙂

I’ve started a little women’s group. It’s really a book club with 5 other ladies, and they are all such a blessing. I wish we could expand it to 20 women or so as it’s been so great to get to know each of these women. Maybe we can grow the group in a bit, but right now, this has been a God thing for us. It’s so great to meet together to pray, discuss our reading, and encourage/teach one another. We’re reading Heidi Baker’s “Compelled by Love.” I’ll have to write about that at a later date. For now, I’ll just say that it is excellent!! We all should read this book. She really challenges her readers; really speaks about the heart of God, which is to love. And it’s been a great book to read and discuss with others of like mind and heart. I’ve needed a jump-start lately as I’ve been worn out beyond belief. This book is reviving the fire in my soul. It’s reminding me of why we exist, what I’m called do, and how to step out in faith to do it.

Mark and I are also taking a Sunday school class during the second service at church. It’s all about the ministry of the believer, and again, it’s been a jump-starter for me. I’m learning a lot, reviewing a lot, and being reminded of where I need to go back to. It’s been great to take the class with Mark as we get to discuss what we’re learning; plus, we challenge each other to walk out the things that God has called us to do.

And lastly, I’ve got a few other things going that are really, really exciting! It’s just a matter of finding the time to do them . . . can you see why I’m exhausted? Working full-time, raising a puppy, adjusting to pregnancy, etc. has been a lot. I still need to post pictures of our beautiful Zoya; she really is a beauty. And she’s a whopping 24 pounds at only 4 months!! She’s growing fast. I also need to post some belly pictures as our boy is weighing in around 12 ounces and is 10 inches long. 🙂 He’s got long, skinny legs (what else can you have when you’re only 10 inches long?) and handsome feet. So I’ll post his feet picture at some point.

Anyway, that’s my world for now. Someday, I’ll get back to the main point of this blog, which is to share my heart and how I’m progressing in my walk with the Lord. But until then and for now, this will have to do.

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  1. Great blog to catch us up, Mic! I can relate very well to your description of finding out you're having a little boy. I still find it strange to think that I'm going to be a mom of more boys than girls:-) It just never crossed my mind my whole life that that would happen. It's really cute to hear you talk about your little son and your hopes for him. He will be such a blessing and a true joy to you and your family. I cannot wait to meet him and see him grown up and I really am so excited for you, Mic, that you're going to be a mommy so soon. What a wonderful, wonderful family he's going to be born in to. You know, my little guy absolutely loves being with me and he talks to me about everything and anything. It is such a deep joy for me. I do not believe that that will ever be an issue for you as he grows up ~ that he wont enjoy being with you. He will simply adore you. However, I do think that the following saying is true … "A daughter's a daughter for life. A son's a son until he takes a wife". Even though I'm a girly girl ~ like you ~ and I love, love, love my little girl and reading the classics to her, watching movies with her and shopping with her, I've grown and learned so much since having a son and I wouldn't change it for anything in the world & I suspect it will be the same with you ~ a beautiful journey filled with self-discovery, fun and so much love and joy! Boys really are so sweet and so much fun and easy ~ in my opinion. You are so blessed, Mic!

    Keep us posted about Thursday. A big day for you guys. We have prayed and believe in agreement for favor!

    And post those photos!

    Lots of love xoxo

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