It’s all about progress and the beauty of it. I’m a girl who grew up in church and has always had a heart for God. I came to know Him personally as a 5 year old who decided that if HE loved me that much to die for me then I certainly could give my life to HIM. Thirty years later, my life is far from perfect, yet I’m at peace with the knowledge that HE and I are in a journey together, and HE is not finished with me yet.

Besides my love for Him, I have a few other loves.

I’m wife to an Englishman who patiently loves his explosive, feisty little wife every day. My husband is an aspiring writer/evangelist, and he never meets a stranger. He’s a quiet thinker who finishes everything he starts and who has a way of seeing things outside of the daily box.

Together, we have two strong, handsome, fiery boys who are destined to be world changers. The oldest is an independent explorer who loves vacuums, waffles, and parks. The youngest is a charming adventurer who is finding the world to be his playground (as long as Mommy or Daddy is nearby); he is never without a smile or a chuckle. We also have a baby girl (whose story is told through my baby series on this site). She is our biggest answer to prayer, and all four of us simply adore her. She is our happy, quiet, sweet princess. Simply stated, these three are my heart in living form.

We currently live in Scotland where I serve as the Director of a Bible Training Centre. We both have a great love for traveling the world, loving on the nations, and desiring to see the church fulfill its gifting and callings. I have a great heart for the wives and children of pastors, ministers, and missionaries. I see God’s great love for them and hope to somehow help to bring His prodigals back home.