I have to keep this mega short, but I wanted to write a quick blog because this is a week of very big things for us. **Pardon my spelling mistakes below too – I warned that I was writing quickly . . . **

1.) Alpha starts tomorrow night. Pray for Mark, for me, for our Alpha team, and most importantly, for any guests that are thinking of or planning on coming. Tomorrow is a key night as we want them to come, enjoy themselves, have their interest sparked, their hearts spoken to, etc. so that they come back the following week. Pray that we work well as a team; most of our team has never been to Alpha and have little idea of what to expect. Pray for Mark has he’s carrying a big load right now.

2.) Our taxes are being reviewed, and we should get word about how the last 3 years of returns look and how this year’s return looks. We’re trusting God that we get money back so that we can pay the accountant for looking at our taxes. We’re also trusting the Lord that everything looks good as we need to re-submit these to the Immigration office this week.

3.) We’ll be sending in our revised financial paperwork to immigration at the end of the week. This is our last chance to get an approval. PLEASE PRAY!! We need immense favor, we need the paperwork to be done right, we need it to get their on time, and we need the Lord to do a work on this immigration officer’s heart. We need him to give us a yes; otherwise, we’ll have to hire a lawyer and appeal or start all over. This has been an area of major concern for me, so I can’t tell you how much I’d love for you all to join in agreement with us that we will get favor and we will get approved. We know God called us to be here, and we need this greencard so that we can stay.

And lastly, for all of you who attended first service yesterday morning at COTH, I was so blessed by all the words that came forth, the message that my dad gave, the encouragement by so many any the congregation. We’re blessed to be a part of City, and I’m happy to be back at the church that’s always been my second home. I’m excited to see what is to come!! God is so good, His hand is not short, and His heart is so entirely for us. I’m resting in that this week; especially with all that’s going on.

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  1. Praying for you guys this week! We were Alpha leaders a few years ago at our church and it was so wonderful! So glad to hear your church is starting one.

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