There are two things on my heart and mind right now – the seasons of life and purging. We’ll start with the second one first; mainly, because I don’t really do anything with any normal sense of order.

The definition of purgeto rid of whatever is impure or undesirable; cleanse; purify.

I’ve so been needing to purge. I think it’s a must when one lives in a house that is less than 1000 square feet, but since having Ryder, I’ve just been on this mission to purge. And it’s been a very big job as a.) most of my stuff was in storage for quite some time and b.) I didn’t get to do the normal purging that someone would do right before or after getting married. Mark and I got married, went on a two week honeymoon, then moved to England a month later. And in between all that, I was working full-time. So all of my stuff went into boxes and was put away. When we returned to the States two year later, we lived at my Grams’ house and my parents’ house. So things stayed in the boxes, and when we finally got our house, I was in my second month of pregnancy and working full time. So in other words, I got up, went to work, came home, made dinner, and went to bed. There was no unpacking of boxes and sorting through things. And life continued like that till Ryde came. Then insert “coping with exhaustion and a newborn” into all that. šŸ™‚ So you get the drift . . . now as I approach Ryde’s first birthday, I am in mega-purging mode. All of his baby stuff has been sorted through. The extras have been given away, and the necessities have been packed into plastic bins to use for baby #2 (for whenever he or she decides to make an appearance). Ryder’s room is now finished, so I then moved to the garage, and now to my closet. Note “my” closet; Mark has his own closet. However, again, when baby #2 arrives, Mark will have to move his stuff into the garage . . . just kidding. Micah will be purging even more in order to make room for Mark’s stuff. Anyway, so last night, I finished my closet. Today will be the rest of the house; followed by a big trip to a charity shop where I will be depositing all of this unnecessary stuff. Mark has been working on the office and the kitchen table where all the extra stuff and paperwork accumulates, and he has made very good progress as well, which is quite exciting really. šŸ™‚ I’m really looking forward to having a clutter free, clear of junk and extras house.

So as we’ve been physically purging our house, I’ve also been purging in other areas as well. Cleaning out the car, holding back from buying junk food, examining areas in my heart where bad attitudes, resentment, anger, disappointment, etc. reside and focusing on getting rid of all the junk. And really, I’m questioning why I ever let the car get so messy, why I ever ate so much while being pregnant, and why I’ve allowed yucky stuff to build up in my heart and mind. It’s so much easier to keep the stuff out, then to have to go back and clean it all out. Now that the car is cleaned out, I enjoy my car. Now that I’ve almost completely lost all of my pregnancy weight and half of my marriage weight, I’m so happy to be back to my old self! I look like me again which is really nice. šŸ™‚ And as hard as it is to face the emotional, spiritual, yucky stuff on the inside of me, it is nice to see the areas that need work and to say okay, Lord, I’m asking You to change me, help me to focus on You, help me to be focused in renewing my mind, and help me to be patient as You work me through all this stuff. It’s a good cleansing season . . .

One definition of season is a suitable, proper, fitting, or right time.

I’m learning that it’s important that we recognize what season we’re in. There are times for everything, and there are purposes for everything. Some seasons of life are times of preparation; some are times of resting. Some are times of work and perseverance, and some are times of purging. If you’re future or plan oriented like I am, then you tend to always be looking ahead. Yet you miss where you currently are, and again, as I’m learning, it’s important that we make the most of this season. For God has much for us to learn at this time. And this blog will have to be continued as I’ve run out of time . . . šŸ™‚

2 thoughts on “a season of purging

  1. Micah, I am in the exact same season. I started this year feeling a strong need to clean out all of the "junk" in my life both literally and figuratively. Some of the charities do pick up in our neighborhood once a month. My goal is to have at least something to get rid of every month. So far so good. I am loving having only what I "need" although that is very relative and I know I could live with much less if I had too. My time with the Lord is so much greater when I don't have "junk" in my heart either.

  2. Good post, Mic. I am a purger. I love to purge and I strive to always keep things as simple and uncluttered as possible. It must feel good getting rid of stuff?

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