[dropcap style=”font-size: 60px; color: #9b9b9b;”] I [/dropcap] need to just spout some random thoughts . . .

On hair . . . it’s time for me to get a new hairdo. The frizzy, graying, unkempt look is okay when you have a newborn, but not so okay when you’re beyond the sleep deprived stage of motherhood. My hair was so great in its natural state when we were living in wet, humid England. It’s not so great in its natural state in dry Colorado. So it’s time for a change.

On potty training . . . it’s flat out hard. I have no idea what we’re doing. We need a class on how to teach potty training. I will say though that Ryde really does try. He gets tired of hearing us tell him to go try the potty, but he really is trying. His poor skin hates diapers, so he’s motivated to get out them, which helps. He’s much happier in his big boy pants, so hopefully, in a few weeks, it’ll all come together for him.

On refinancing . . . oy, it’s not been a good learning process. I don’t enjoy having to learn the hard way. We filled out a customer satisfaction survey, and I was very honest in how dishonest I feel the company has been. We’ll see if we hear anything from them in response.

On babies . . . if we decide to go for baby #3, I’ve decided to keep it very private. I don’t want/need to hear any thoughts on if it’s a girl or boy, if I should breastfeed or not breastfeed, or if I’ll be working or not working. Our house size, car size, finances/bills, etc. are big enough concerns that we don’t need any other outside pressure. Those questions are big enough to be kept just between us – any other thoughts won’t be helpful. I’m so tired of hearing everyone’s view point on vaccinations, breastfeeding, formula, milk, crib, co-sleeping, bottles, no bottles, etc. Ugh. No thanks.

On enjoying each day as it comes . . . we’re so looking forward to going to our other home in September. I could daydream all day about Paris, London, Edinburgh, Carlisle, the Lake District, etc. . . . we’re so looking forward to seeing our family that it’s going to be hard to just enjoy the summer and not wish that it’ll fly by.

On birthdays . . . we’re going small on the boys’ birthdays this year. Family time and doing something fun together is a big treat that we don’t get to experience enough. So it’ll be enough for their birthdays.

On talking preschoolers . . . I love how many words Ryder knows now. I love that he’s able to speak in sentences and able to communicate fully. It’s a very fun stage in life. . . minus the smart mouth side of it. Having your child confront you while stomping his leg and accusing you of taking his snack cup is funny at the time, but not so funny in the long run. How one child can be so much drama, so bossy, so independent, I’m not sure. But we’re needing lots of wisdom on how to deal with it.

On fit throwing toddlers . . . not such a fun stage. I’ve decided that I really dislike the one to two year old phase. It’s a good thing that Ezzy is so cute . . . 😉

And on organization, household management, yard maintenance, plant growing, menu planning, etc. . . . I don’t have time for any of it. Period. I am not the organized, tidy, fashionable, menu-planning, gardening, grow my own veggies kind of mom. Simply am not and won’t be. So moving on . . . I’ve got other talents, other strong points, and no need to fit in any kind of mom box. I’m taking my husband’s advice and no longer trying to fit into any kind of expectation.

Lastly . . . I love being thin again. The clothes that I’ve worn for the last 3 years are finally too big. We don’t have the means to buy any new ones, but in light of everything, it’s not important. Being healthy is important, and I’m going back to limiting my junk intake and eating well. I’m realizing that walking around the park and playing with the boys really helps with keeping my stress down and my perspective in focus as well.

And in addition to the above, I’m looking forward to taking walks in the evening as a family this summer. The boys love being outside, and Mark and I don’t get enough exercise or time to get fit. So walking is great preparation for all the walking we’ll do on our trip, plus it’s always good to get out with Zoyz and to spend time all togther as a family. One thing I’m really noticing with my kids right now is that they want to do things with Mommy and Daddy, and I’m happy to oblige them. I’m happy that they want us to participate with them. We’re blessed to get to spend time with them.

Finally, I’m just looking forward to this season of life as good things always seem to happen around May. Or maybe just seeing how much life is around and how everything is green and blooming makes the world look better. Either way, I’m glad for it.

2 thoughts on “a random post about random thoughts

  1. I watched two of my house plants die before my eyes these past two weeks…and I’m okay with it. There were more important things to be done (like sleep, feed myself, and feed baby) than to take care of the plants. The house is well, a disaster…but I have two boys, one big and one little that I love on. And I’m good with that. Good advice to let go of what you are not….it frees you up to be who you are. What you do, and the decisions you make for your family are just that—yours! I’ve tried to remember that as I’ve felt like I’m defending a decision my husband and I have made. This is our family, and our decision to make. We are responsible. 😉 And with that, I can trust God will take care of us, and our little messy place.

  2. Micah, I am so proud of you. You have more wisdom than you realize. Your decisions and journey in life at this time is wonderful. You have made some very good decisions. You are 100% on the right path. No more people pleasing. You have no idea what a tremendous burden you have lifted off of you life. Been there, done that. Freedom to be who god made you to be is a perfect plan to follow.

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