This weekend was busy, busy, busy! Mark worked Saturday morning (he’s worked 3 out of the last 4 Saturdays), so Ryde and I got up, ate breakfast, played for a while, and then crashed. We both slept for over 2 hours, which never happens in the morning at our house. We woke up just in time for Mark to get home from work. I then made lunch, the boys played outside for a while, and then we all crashed again. It was then time for us to go to church. So we packed Rydey up and took him over to my mom’s so that she could watch him that evening. We rode with my dad and Hav to church, and really, I don’t know if any of us had any idea of what was about to happen that evening.

Praise and worship got going, the crowd was small but grew as the night went on, and then Dr. Gary Kellner got up to introduce the guest speaker, Pastor Mike Brown from Kenya. We then heard this pastor’s story, and as he started sharing, it was EVIDENT that God’s love was flowing out of him. He spoke on the same lines that we’ve been thinking on and talking about. This life is not about us or our families. It’s about reaching out to others. We live a satisfied life as we pour out God’s love on others. He shared a very good word. And then he started to pick people out of the crowd. He would stand them up and say this is what the Lord would say to you and out would pour love and words of healing for that person. I could have cried just hearing the different words for each person. Then before I knew it, he had me standing up, and a huge sob rose up out of me. As he spoke God’s heart for me, I think I cried out a year (or more) worth of junk. The words that he spoke were the exact answers to the things that I had just prayed that morning. It was God answering my heart cries. It was the Lord speaking His love, peace, healing, and joy to my heart and life. And it was a special time for me (as someone who rarely cries) to just cry out all the tears that have been bottled up this year. It was beautiful. đŸ™‚

The next morning, we got up to go to 1st service and heard a very good word from Dr. Kellner. Mark and I then hurried off to lunch and our cleaning job so that we’d have time to get back to the church by 6 that evening. And all our rushing and having no time of our own that day was well worthwhile as the evening service was just as good as the others had been. This time though we got to hear a word for my dad. It was actually a word to church body, but it was a word of encouragement for my dad. And it was a much needed, very timely word! It excited me and encouraged me!! It blessed me to hear the Lord honor my dad, speak authority over him, and tell the church body that we have got to work alongside our pastor. It was an exciting night in general.

Mark and I went home very tired but very encouraged as we feel like we got a hint of why we’re here. We got a bit of direction and some greatly needed encouragement. So now it’s our time to act on it. I’m thankful for the ministers that God sends our way. Thankful that He cares so much for a little church in Boulder that He sends people from across the world to speak to us. He used a man from Kenya to speak directly to my heart. Again, how good is our God?!?

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  1. AMEN AND AMEN!!!!!!!!! Totally pumped for Dad, for you, for Mark, for your family, and for our church!! Glory to God! YEOOOOWWWW!!!

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