This past month has been such a weird mix of emotions, thoughts, patterns, and just stuff. After running, running, running today, I found myself feeling super stretched by all that’s going on right now. And the thought that kept coming up throughout the day was “when in a stretching season, it’s time to get flexible.” I am the least flexible person you could ever know. Seriously, I’ve never even been able to touch my toes, and we won’t even talk about how mentally, emotionally, or any other -ally flexible I am. I’m kind of a plan, keep everything under control, manage it all, and stay tight kind of lady. You know?

So tonight, after a very long day that was only going to get longer, as I dropped my family off and I drove to work, I had a flashback to all three of my children’s births. Their births were filled with so much drama, trauma, and every thing you could think of, yet they were also so peace filled. Every one of the midwives, doctors, and nurses could feel the peace in the birthing room, and that peace has left an impact on me ever since. I desire that peace in my day to day life. So as I drove, I remembered that and God reminded me of all the thoughts, the prayers, the worship songs, etc. that went into each child’s birth. I remember how painful Eden’s labor was and how I sat in the bath with the worship music on and just focused on sinking into the contractions and the pain. I remember just going with them and not doing one thing to fight against them. Just relaxing as much as possible.

Weirdly enough, I know that’s exactly what God is doing right now and what He’s asking of me.

So as I find myself exhausted, stretched to the max, totally uncomfortable, out of sorts, and in pain in different areas, I keep getting this sense of just relax and get flexible. Don’t fight it, don’t try to figure it all out, don’t have a plan or a time frame. Now is the time for setting my mind on worship and scripture, for breathing, for relaxing into the situation rather than trying to get out of it or fight it, and for just remembering that nothing happens in our timing. Childbirth comes as we take it one lap around the hospital floor at a time, one contraction at a time, one more deep breath, and one more big push. But with all of that also comes times of relaxing, getting our breath, and getting ready for the next big push. As I experienced with Ezra’s birth, sometimes that one more big push extends into 4 hours of pushing, but even still, God is there and He’s aiding us. Whatever He is birthing right now will come. He will bring it forth, and it will be worthwhile. He’s just asking me (and maybe you) to cooperate and work with Him. Let Him do it. Stay flexible. Sink into His peace. And when that thing is delivered and here, there will be so much rejoicing. All the hard work will be worthwhile.

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